Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins located in the lower rectum and anus of the human body. There is no clear known cause for this health condition; however, some health experts attribute this condition to weak blood veins in the lower rectum, furthermore, there is also the possibility of this condition occurring due to high pressure in the abdominal area caused by factors such as coughing, sneezing, obesity, pregnancy and undertaking of strenuous activity. Hemorrhoid veins swelling is also said to be a hereditary health condition that can be passed on by parents to their offspring.

Hemorrhoids are classified in two categories namely external and internal hemorrhoids depending on where they occur.

External Hemorrhoids,

External hemorrhoids are located on the skin around the anus area. Some of the most common symptoms of external hemorrhoids include:

-Pain and itching in the area around the anus

– Pain during passing of stool

– Blood in the stool passed or bleeding in the anus area.

Diagnosis and treatment,

External hemorrhoids are diagnosed by various tests such as digitally examining the rectum to identify the swollen veins. Furthermore, there are such tests that can be carried out such as colonoscopy (examination of the colon).

Hemorrhoid creams is the most common form of treatment for external hemorrhoids, there are however other treatment methods such as surgically removing the swollen hemorrhoid veins (hemorrheidoctomy). Home therapy such as soaking in warm water and eating a diet rich in fiber (to soften the stool) also acts to remedy this condition.


Internal Hemorrhoids,

This is the swelling of hemorrhoid veins deep inside the rectum. The most common symptom of this condition is blood in the stool. Normally, there is no pain felt for this condition except in cases where the internal hemorrhoid veins expand and burst out through the anus, the medical term for such a condition is ��Prolapsed hemorrhoids’. Pain is caused by the sensitive nerves around the anal area.

Diagnosis and treatment,

Prolapsed hemorrhoids is the most severe internal hemorrhoids condition, the swollen veins naturally go back to the rectum after sometime. They can also be gently pushed back into the anus. In the majority of cases, this condition is painless and the most common sign of the existence of this condition is the presence of blood in the stool.

In conclusion, It is important to know that hemorrhoids is a manageable condition, furthermore doctors recommend a diet rich in fiber to remedy hemorrhoids as well as taking lots of water especially to pregnant mothers and individuals who undertake heavy strenuous activity who are at the highest risk of experiencing hemorrhoids.